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Workshop Technology (Huerner)

HÜRNER’s Workshop Technology Line, HWT-Line for short, has been designed for industrial manufacture of segmented bends, tees, crosses, and Ys as well as for plant engineering and design contractors.

All machines for in-shop application are designed according to the most up-to-date knowledge gathered by market surveys and reflect our many years of experience in the development of infrared machines for workshop applications.

No need to add that all workshop machines for fitting manufacture are available both for manual operation and CNC operation. All machines ship set on a welded, very sturdy, and warp-resistant support stand.

Welding parameters are entered on CNC machines on a next-generation, high-resolution touchscreen. And all CNC machine are equipped with a USB interface port for direct welding report transfer to a USB stick, including in the HÜRNER DataWork format, for use in this welding database application. A tag printer delivering extremely tear-proof label tags is also available for fitting labeling.

The development focus for the machines made for plant engineers and designers was on extremely user-friendly handling and top-edge mobility. The HWT 160-M, in particular, is a perfect expression of this HÜRNER concept, at a weight of the basic chassis of only 33 kg.


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HWT 400 Line

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HWT 160-M

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